Friday, July 13, 2012

New Kitchen Table

My dad made us a new kitchen table. The beautiful butcher block top was donated by a family friend. It was part of a display at a retailer where he works. They were throwing it away, but my dad trashed picked it. So classy!

We were inspired by this table from Crate and Barrel.

Our table is regular height, for chairs, not bar stools. The base is painted BM Black Satin and the top has a coat of Danish oil in natural on it. We love it, wings up or wings down!


The Millers said...

The blog is back! I love that table.

The Millers said...

Looking good! So glad the blog is back.

tamara s. said...

Big Dave is one talented man. I would love to send Kevin (little Kevin) to him as an apprentice! And, I echo Renee's sentiments - yay, the blog is back! :)