Sunday, January 27, 2013

A new pantry

After our wedding last year, we had quite a few awesome presents that needed a home. Our kitchen doesn't have a lot of storage, particularly for large items like a slow cooker, Griddler, and Kevin's favorites: the wok and the smoker. We had a rather gross closet off the laundry area of our basement that we decided to turn into a pantry. I don't have any before photos to share.

We lined the walls with heavy duty plastic as a vapor barrier, then rigid foam insulation sheets and finally beadboard sheets for the walls. Kevin also hung a grid and we added some fancy ceiling tiles and a colorful rug to finish the space. The storage are white adjustable brackets and melamine shelves from Lowes. It has really added a lot of storage and function.

Here is what we have stored in our new space!

Straight back is extra storage containers, extra food and our booze, small appliances and paper products and baking supplies.

On the left side is our board game stash, some books that are listed on, and athletic equipment like golf shoes and camelbaks, some of Kevin's beer brewing stuff, and entertaining supplies like our nice placemets and napkins and fancy wine glasses.

On the right side, we have vases, craft supplies and instruction manuals for the entire house, our huge rag pile and cleaning stuff like our steam cleaner and a whole box of car cleaning supplies on the bottom. 

It's handy to have everything together. It's sometimes annoying to have to run down to the basement to get the rice cooker or a box of crackers, but our kitchen storage is limited.

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